Xtravagnaza 2019 Results

Finals Results

Grand Champion - Lacrosse Logan "The Class Act" 

Best Choreography

Best Show Design 

Best Stage Crew 

Best Opener

Best Closer

Xtravagant Male Performer - Sawyer Baumgard 

Best Male Soloist Within a Show - Ryan Matz 

Best Female Soloist Within a Show - Megan Olson 

2nd Runner Up Soloist (Solo Comp) - Rachel Tully

1st Runner-Up - Reedsburg "Choraliers" 

Best Vocals

Best Ballad 

Unisex Division Results

Grand Champion - Brodhead "BHS Express"

Prep Division Results

Grand Champion - Plymouth "Momentum"

Congratulations to all performing groups!!! 

Grand Champion Soloist (Solo Competition) - Derrick Osborne, Brodhead "Guys & Dolls"

2nd Runner-Up - Tomah "Limited Edition" 

Xtravagant Female Performer - Stevie Peterson 

3rd Runner-Up - Greenbay East "Rhapsody in Red"

Best Costumes - "it was the PANTS!"

4th Runner-Up - Mayville "Cardinal Singers"

Best Band

1st Runner Up Soloist (Solo Competition) - Catlyn Mahoney

5th Runner-Up - Plymouth "Momentum"

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